2024 SIG Annual Report Form
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If your SIG did not carry out the activities budgeted for the year, or if your actual activities varied more than 20% from what was budgeted, please provide an explanation for this below:

If your SIG is holding retained earnings that must be expended in the next 12-24 months, please explain your plan for spending down these funds.

Describe any efforts your SIG made especially designed to recruit new ASIS&T members or retain existing ASIS&T members (e.g., welcome letters, calls or visits, etc.).

Please describe the frequency of communication and methods used to communicate with your members.

What programs, including those presented at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, did your SIG sponsor or cosponsor during the fiscal year? (e.g., continuing education programs, regional meetings, webinars, promotional activities for your SIG or ASIS&T, career guidance, ongoing services, etc.). Please list the name of the program, speakers involved, date and location, estimated attendance, revenue and expenses, a brief description of each program, and other participating organization or ASIS&T units, if applicable.

Describe ways in which your SIG engaged with other SIGs or Chapters (including student chapters) this year.

Describe below your plans for the coming year to engage with other SIGs as well as Regional and Student Chapters:

Describe your SIG's participation in other noteworthy activities during the period (e.g., participation in a public effort, such as,

legislative hearing, standards committee, representation at meetings of other organizations, etc.).

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Describe the publications your SIG produced during the activity period (e.g., newsletters, technical publications, pathfinders, joint publications, etc.). Briefly describe those publications here, indicate the publication frequency and intended audience, and enclose a copy of each publication (or provide the URL) with this report.

Please upload the publication(s) described above.

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Using the template sent to you, please upload an .xlsx spreadsheet of your FY24 budget, being sure to provide detail for any awards and expenses under "other".

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