2023 SIG Special Projects Fund Proposal

The SIG Special Project Fund was established by the Board of Directors to assist SIGs that want to undertake worthwhile projects but lack sufficient funds. It also exists as an emergency or loan fund for SIGs that run into financial difficulties. The Fund is administered by the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee. The SIG Cabinet Director regularly reports to the Board of Directors and the SIG Cabinet on the use of the Fund.

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About the Project

Loan to be paid back at the completion of a revenue-generating project.
Cost-sharing projects between the SIG and the Fund.
Seed money to launch a new revenue-generating activity that will become self-sustaining.
Direct Grant from the Fund for special projects with high technical merit that will result in increased membership, a new member benefit, or a product to be offered for sale.
Emergency loan or grant to SIGs which run into financial difficulties because of annual operations.

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List major project goals and objectives for each. For each goal please list a specific measurable objective.

Enter anticipated value from your SIG's perspective and from ASIS&T's perspective.

How will you know you have achieved your goals and objectives? (e.g. What do you want to be able to announce in the final project report to ASIS&T?)

Please describe in detail how this project will result in increased membership for the SIG and ASIS&T. What specific steps will the SIG take to ensure that increased visibility leads to individuals or institutions joning the association?

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Please list the individuals who have made a commitment to this project. They should all be ASIS&T members.

List any individuals who have committed to speak at an event.

Please indicate what facility will be used for this event and indicate the commitment status.

Please describe any arrangements with partners - what are the agreements for sharing costs event promotion, printing, mailing, administration, so there is no confusion after the event on who pays how much?

Are there any known limiting factors (resources, timeframes, and deliverables)?

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Please upload the project budget, indicating anticipated revenues (if any) and expenses, along with any funds available from outside sources. Note that if the SIG has sufficient funds in reserve to conduct this project itself, a cost sharing approach is recommended.

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